🇬🇧 Springs hydrobiology

Hydrobiology of the “Sorgenti del Pescara”

The fascination of the Pescara springs through the biodiversity-rich backdrops.

The encounter between the bare rock of the Gran Sasso and the verdant slopes of the Maiella brings forth crystal clear sap that feeds one of the most abundant springs in the Apennines: the Pescara springs. From the meeting of such different elements comes one of the most important rivers in Abruzzo. In fact, the water coming from the great Campo Imperatore aquifer, meeting the obstacle offered by the impermeable rock of the Maiella, gushes out at the foot of the Colle di Capo Pescara, emerging in a thousand rivulets that flow into a crystal-clear mirror of water with a thousand shades of colour: numerous sub-alvee springs, which gush out copiously on the bottom, give new and continuous lymph to this basin which, with a total constant flow of 7000 l/s, represents one of the most important spring systems in central-northern Italy.
The Sirente aquifer also seems to make an important contribution to the spring system.
The body of water is the relict evidence of a larger lake that, in ancient times, covered the entire Peligna Plain: the Pescara river, an emissary of the reservoir, over time opened a breach in the Tremonti Gorges and the lake emptied, leaving this wonderful corner.

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