🇬🇧 “La Folaga (coot)” cabin

Situated along the “Canapine” path, which can be entered after passing the springs and the small belvedere, inside the riparian wood of willows and poplars that surrounds the mirror of water of the springs, the “la Folaga” hut is a resting point from which it is possible to observe the avifauna of the Reserve: about 110, resident and passing, species are counted.

The Coot, present with a large colony, was chosen as the symbol of the Reserve: its black plumage and white beak and front plate make it easy to identify.

The Mallard, Little Grebe and Common Moorhen are also easily observed in the protected area. In the reed thicket the Marsh Harrier hunts, while in the shallower waters the Little Egret and Little Bittern find food.

The grey heron, in its migrations, has always passed through the reserve: recently it stopped to nest in the reed thicket. At least seven pairs of grey herons have chosen the oasis to build their nests.

The heronry, this is the technical name for colonies of herons such as the Grey Heron, is the first in Abruzzo for this species, which several years ago had tried to nest unsuccessfully in the other WWF Oasis of Lake Penne. It is therefore an absolute novelty for the region.

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