🇬🇧 Le Fonti refuge at Monte Corvo

The Le Fonti refuge is an unattended refuge in the municipality of Popoli (PE) at Monte Corvo (m 1095), owned by the Abruzzo Region and managed by the CAI section of Popoli.

The hut is located along the south-western slope of mount Rotondo, on the plateau between mount Corvo and the Schiena d’Asino (Lat: 42.174950, Long: 13.878609), and is included in the first section of the Maiella National Park‘s Path P and the Monte Rotondo Ring hiking route, which runs through the Monte Rotondo Nature Reserve starting from the Wolf visitor centre in Popoli.

The hut is open all year round and has two floors: on the ground floor is a permanently open room with a fireplace and running water (with the possibility of cooking), while on the first floor, accessible upon receiving the keys, there are 15 beds, WC, electricity and heating.

For more information: Mount Corvo refuge on escursionismo.it


Image source: en.wikiloc.com

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