🇬🇧 Main view of the Reserve

In the main area, where the Pescara river springs are located, the view is spectacular. Here we can admire a palette of colours and views that create the ideal river landscape. In the background we can see the Majella and the Gran Sasso, together with the large, vast reed thicket with a backdrop of poplars and willows.

In the centre, we have a splendid view of the crystal-clear water with different shades of colours ranging from emerald green to blue, from light blue to orange. This view underwent a major restoration in 2017, followed and strongly desired by the Reserve management.

The work removed part of the reeds to increase the perspective. No drastic intervention was carried out, instead working on the details to preserve the natural beauty of the site as much as possible.


Authors: Jacopo Galli, Antonio Antonucci.

Project: work-school experience in 2019 with Liceo Scientifico Amedeo Di Savoia in Popoli.

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