🇬🇧 Picnic area tariffs and regulations


As of 2 June 2022, pursuant to Municipal Council Resolution no. 79/2022, the tariffs for using the “La Talpa” picnic area are as follows:

Euro 10.00 for the use of each individual table, including the possible use of the fire spot on public holidays only;

Euro 3.00 for access to the picnic area on days when there is a greater number of visitors (Easter Monday, 25 April, 1 May and 15 August). Please note that the above-mentioned fee refers to each person over the age of 10;

Euro 10.00 per table, for a maximum of 6 (six) bookable tables, for holding parties or other similar events for a period of time not exceeding 6 hours. The organisation of the event must be agreed in advance with the area manager.

It should be noted that

-On days when there is a greater number of visitors (Easter Monday, 25 April, 1 May and 15 August), access to the area will be permitted only by prior arrangement.

-The maximum number of persons allowed in the picnic area is 250.

For information and reservations, please contact the Manager of the aforementioned area by telephone on (+39) 085 980 8009.


  • It is strictly forbidden to bring in bicycles, mopeds, scooters and any other means of transport or vehicle that may endanger the safety of visitors;
  • given the peculiarity of the place, frequented mainly by children, owners or holders, in any capacity, must necessarily keep dogs on a leash and provide them with a suitable muzzle: it is therefore absolutely forbidden to keep dogs loose;
  • it is absolutely forbidden to damage and move any artefacts (benches, tables, etc. etc.) serving the area;
  • in order to avoid damaging the plants, it is forbidden to place hammocks, swings and any means that could in any way damage the flora;
  • children up to the age of 10 are permitted to use the games;
  • the use of loudspeakers that may disturb the fauna is strictly forbidden;
  • as far as not expressly provided for, visitors must respect the tranquillity and integrity of the area at all times, avoiding intemperance of any kind, noise and inappropriate or disturbing behaviour towards the environment and others;
  • the area manager has the right to prohibit entry to anyone who, in contrast with the behavioural rules and the prohibitions listed above, behaves improperly and in any case does not respond to the tranquillity of the place, without prejudice to compensation for any damage to persons or property.

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